A King Maker is the 9th episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on September 9, 2019.

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As Biz is carried out to an ambulance, Kei tries to get some info on officer Hellmandes. Cecil and Tilarna head to the waste disposal site and to try and find the tiny crossbow. Kei is brought up to date by Cecil about Tilarna’s condition and heads back to his home. Tilarna tries to save the tiny crossbow from a trash compactor, however, she fails to do and it’s destroyed. At a loss of all hope, her conscience is transferred back to her own body at Kei’s apartment, where she beats up officer Hellmandes. In the nick of time, Kei arrives at the scene stopping Tilarna before she kills Hellmandes and he is later arrested. Back the waste disposal site, Cecil is mourning over the loss of Tilarna, however, she’s informed that she’s alive and back in her own body again. The following day, Chief Zimmer throws a BBQ pool party at his house. The party is abruptly canceled after the mayoral candidate Nathan Kahns is shot. An emergency briefly is held and the shooter John Enaji is said to have been under the influence of magic. When Tilarna examines the decedent’s body, she confirms that it was manipulated by magic. Kei confronts a racist police offer called Sanders who curses Tilarna for being a Semanian.

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