Dragnet Mirage is the 2nd episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on July 16, 2019.

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Following the confrontation with the assassin, Tilarna kills the assailant with a single swipe from her sword. However, it’s learned that the assassin was a corpse manipulated by magic. The two gang members from the botched undercover arrest operation, were also dead when they were confronted. This is confirmed by coroner Cecil Epps, Kei’s ex-girlfriend. With nowhere to rest for the night, Tilarna stays at Kei’s place for the night. Meanwhile, a clandestine business transaction takes place at an undisclosed location. The business is between a man named Kareem and Dennis with his associate Zelada. A funeral service is made for Rick and Kei, Tilarnia, and Jack attend it. Rick was the 3rd person lost the service and because of it, the force’s morale is in the gutter. Later on, Kei and Tilarnia investigate the site where the clandestine business transaction took place. Afterward at a diner, Tilarnia absconds from Kei after learning the identity of the person behind the smuggling.

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