Girls On Ice is the 7th episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on August 20, 2019.

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Tilarna acts as bait for a sting operation on a prostitution ring. One of the clients in the prostitution ring is a Semanian mayoral candidate named Cole Mozeleemay. The following day, Cole is confronted by the press and he proclaims his innocence. Later on, Tilarna meets runs into Zoey, a prostitute she meets with during the sting and hangs out with her for the day. Zoey tells Tilarna that she hopes to one day open a photo exhibition of her work and Tilarna hopes to one day see it. That night, Kei along with Chief Zimmer discuss the case against Cole Mozeleemay and later Kei picks up Tilarna off the streets. The two talk about Tilarna’s day with Zoe and Kei warns Tilarna about Zoey. Tilarna disregards Kei’s admonishment about Zoey and continues to hang out with her. Soon fake lists of names of the costumers in the prostitution ring start to circulate and the news media catches wind of it. This abrupt turn of events throws a damper on proving Cole Mozeleemay’s guilt in the case against him causing Tilarna to throw a snit. That night, Zoey meets with Cole regarding the real list. The following day, the police learn that Zoey has a copy of the customer list. So when Tilarna confronts Zoey about it she blows her off and is sequentially shot and wounded. The hitman that shot Zoey is taken out by Kei and it’s insinuated who assumes that he was hired by Cole’s wife Marla. It’s learned that Zoey died while surgical procedures were being performed. Because of her death, Cole is exonerated from the prostitution allegations against him.

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