Air Tonight is the 4th episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on July 29, 2019.

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On top of the tower, Kei and Tilarna are attacked by an invisible Zelada and his poisonous fire magic. The attack incapacitates Kei with a harsh burn on his back. Using his sense of hearing and his Latena infused gun, Kei manages to fire a successful shot at Zelada revealing the mage. Tilarna uses this opportunity to slice off Zelada’s left arm. Not wanting to shame the organization he’s a part of, Zelada leaps backward off the tower and disappears into the night’s darkness. To save the life of the mortally wounded Kei, the fairy Leahyah sacrifices herself to save his life. Time passes and the two partners are separated after their case is finished… this is until Tilarna shows up in Kei’s house. Ultimately she decides to stay in the human world and continue working with Kei in order to pursue Zelada and other criminals. The following day, the Kei and Tilarna apprehend two Semanians and the two are reprimanded by Chief Zimmer for her reckless behavior. Tony then calls over Kei and Tilarnia to the Semanians’ garage and find a coffin with a female mummified corpse in it. Cecil examines the corpse back in HQ and promises to give an autopsy report on it. Tilarna interrogates one of the Semanians criminals they apprehended, who confesses they stole the coffin from a graveyard in Doras Derill. During a CT scan of the mummified corpse, it reanimates and exsanguinates the blood from Cecil’s assistant Chapman. The mummified corpse is revealed to be a vampire and it attacks Tilarnia.

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