Kei Matoba (ケイ・マトバ) is one of the protagonists in the Cop Craft series.

Appearance Edit

Kei has dark brown hair slicked back with two strands of hair straggling in the front, long sideburns, and black eyes. He dresses in a gray suit and red tie with black dress shoes.

Personality Edit

Kei is noted for his stubborn and short-tempered attitude. He holds grudges against those who wrong him or to whom are close to him and is considered to be uncouth and boorish.


Kei was once a part of the military army whose unit was wiped out by a single Semanian. He then enlists in the police force and for four years was the partner to a man named Rick Fury.

Kei once had a younger sister who died ten years prior.

Relationships Edit

Cecil Epps is Kei's Ex-Girlfriend.

Tilarna Exedilica is Kei's partner.

Trivia Edit

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