Lonesome Vampire is the 5th episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on August 6, 2019.

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Continuing from the last episode, Kei arrives at the scene with a fire extinguisher and uses it against the vampire. With an opening created Tilarna slices off the vampire’s left arm and Kei fires off several shots on it. The vampire, however, manages to escape. Afterward, Tilarna laments over allowing the vampire to escape. Outside the Police HQ, it’s learned that the vampire has struck again. At the scene of the crime, Kei and Tilarna listen to witness testimony of their encounter with the vampire. Tracking down the vampire’s next location to the One Mall. The two confront the vampire and in the confrontation, Kei is thrown into the mall’s fountain. He is found by Tony and Alexander. Meanwhile, the vampire briefly holds Tilarna hostage to satiate her hunger but is interrupted by Kei, Tony, Alexander, and an armed swat team. The group fire off a barrage of bullets against the vampire who still manages to escape. Following the disembodied voice of Zelada. Thanks to the help from Cameron and Jamie, the vampire is tracked to a subway tunnel. A proxy of Zelada meets with the vampire and offers to help her in exchange for the book of Niba. The vampire refuses and once Kei and Tilarna come close by, she drains the proxy of his blood. Rejuvenated, the vampire faces off against Kei and while pinning him down to the train tracks she comments how he could be the prophesied warrior. As a subway train closes in on the two, Tilarnia kicks the vampire off Kei releasing him and crushing the vampire underneath the subway train.

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