Midnight Train is the 3rd episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on July 22, 2019.

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Tilarna teams up with Biz and Kenny to reach a red light district club. There she encounters her target Dennis the owner of the club. The two get into a sword skirmish and Dennis easily overpowers Tilarnia and takes her as a hostage. Dennis takes Tilarnia to an old temple in the hightails and Kei for the most part stays on reconnaissance until a fire occurs in the temple. Taking advantage of the situation, Tilarnia escapes from her captivity and Kei rushes into the temple armed with a shotgun. Tilarnia confronts Dennis in the area where the smuggled fairies are kept. The two fight again and soon Kei arrives with Tilarnia’s sword and with it she manages to kill Dennis with it. Following the trail of Latena, they find Zelada the person responsible for the death of Rick. Jack arrives and reveals himself as a double agent for Zelada. It’s also learned that Zelada was the man who killed everyone in Kei’s military unit when he was still in the service. Jack reveals his motives to sow hatred between the humans and Semanians in hopes to cause a livid tension between the two races. Amid the confrontation, Kei kills Jack with his hidden gun but sustains a gunshot wound on his left arm from Jack’s retaliation. After commandeering a car from a pedestrian, Kei and Tilarnia head to the Forest Tower, where Zelada planned to set off a fairy bomb. Atop the tower they find the fairy bomb, with the fairy named Leahya in it.

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