Need For Speed is the 6th episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on August 13, 2019.


Right after a runaway 32 wheeler truck takes out one of Kei’s rearview mirror’s, Kei chases down the truck. With his adroit driving skills, Kei manages to topple the truck over as its stolen pornography contents scatter across the highway road. Upon closer inspection of the truck, Kei finds that the driver had fled the scene. While Kei investigates the scene of the crash, Tilarna totals Kei’s car. Due to the truck chase fiasco, Kei is assigned the porn theft case and Tilarna is ordered to get a driver’s license. So with Tilarna preoccupied with getting a license, Kei enlists the help from Tony and Alexander. As his alter ego Detective McCloud, Tony and Alexander visit Biz in his club for information relating to the porn theft. The two meet and interrogate a Semanian named Gavin. After being coerced, by McCloud, Gavin reveals that porn is a rare and valuable thing back in his world and sells it in hopes to live a life of luxury. Meanwhile, Kei gets a new red sports car and Tilarna learns how to drive from Cecil. The following day, Tony as McCloud sets up a meeting with the porn thieves, Gavin and his unnamed partner. Gavin’s partner betrays Gavin and fires off a flash bomb that blinds Kei. He then takes Tony hostage and with Kei blinded, Tilarna chases after culprit with Kei’s car. The chase ends up with Tilarna totaling both cars in a dangerously dynamic car crash. Later on, Tilarna surprises Kei when he returns home to see that she redecorated it.

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