Smells Like Toon Spirits is the 8th episode of the anime adaptation. It aired on August 27, 2019.

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Tilarna botches a sting operation on a plane by slicing the plane up, causing it to land in a nearby swamp. Scouring the swamp for the plane’s pilot, Kei finds a crate full of contraband junk and Tilarna notes that it has Laterna emanating from it. The two are then reprimanded by a man named officer Hellmandes. Back at Kei’s house, Kei has Tilarna search the crate’s contents after her shower because of her sense of smell for Laterna. After her shower, Tilarna examines the contraband specifically a tiny crossbow. By accident, Kuroi Kei’s cat fires the tiny crossbow fires at Tilarna. This causes Tilarna to switch bodies with Kuroi.

The next day Kei wakes up to both Tilarna and Kuroi acting unusual. Kei pays no attention to the two and leaves to head to the Police HQ with the contraband. Before leaving, however, he throws out the tiny crossbow that was in the wastebasket. At Police HQ, Kei is reprimanded by Chief Zimmer about his conduct about the contraband plane. Meanwhile, Tilarna has an epiphany and texts Cecil for help. Once Cecil arrives at Kei’s house, she’s accidentally knocked out by Kuroi in Tilarna’s body. While that goes on, Kei visits Biz at his apartment. Cecil finally wakes up and tries to track down the garbage truck carrying the tiny crossbow.

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