Tilarna Exedilica (ティラナ・エクセディリカ) is one of the protagonist in the Cop Craft series.

Appearance Edit

Tilarna has pale white skin, blue eyes, long light-blond hair in a twin ponytail held by two gold orbs, and her hair is braided on the front top left side. She also has a red symbol mark on her forehead and curved shaped ears. She wears a red had with wings, a red outfit with white trim, gold and bronze bracelet on her right and left arm respectively. A sash with several white spirals, a brown belt with a flower-shaped buckle, a greenside shirt, and white laced shoes. She carries on her person a sword.

Personality Edit

Tilarna speaks in an eloquent and at the start of the series has a pretentious attitude towards Kei. She tends to act impulsively and be ignorant of many human world common sense and etiquette.

Relationships Edit

Kei Matoba is Tilarna Exedilica Partner.

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