Chief Zimmer is the newly assigned police chief after the death of Jack Roth.

Appearance Edit

Zimmer has short black permed hair with long sideburns, a matching color mustache, a bulbous nose, and dark brown eyes. He wears a black suit, yellow tie, and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Zimmer comes off as an irascible person with little to no tolerance for failure or screw-ups. He also holds both partnered people accountable for any problem that is caused or arrises by one of the two people. However, in his own logic, he’s a “Fair boss” and would clean up any mess caused by an alien. Tilarna calls out Zimmer for being a racist, in turn, Zimmer provokes her. In contrast to his “racism” towards Semanians, he defends Tilarna, when the superintendent chastises her.

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